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The Resurgence Of Men’s Handkerchiefs: A Fashion Revival

Though they had their heyday in the 17th and 18th centuries, the mens handkerchief has actually been a practical and fashionable accessory dating back to ancient Egypt. Though they are no longer used for hygiene purposes, the handkerchief is experiencing a bit of a revival as a fashion statement.

Here is more on the history of the handkerchief, why they are coming back into style, and how you can choose the right handkerchiefs to complete your look. You can learn more at Trafalgar site.

The History of the Handkerchief

The history of the humble handkerchief can be traced back to ancient Egypt where it was used for hygiene purposes. In the Middle Ages, handkerchiefs became a status symbol for nobility as they were made from fine linen, silk, and cotton that commoners could not afford. Fast forward to the 16th century when handkerchiefs were often used to cover the nose and mouth to protect against disease or scented with oil or perfume to mask odors.

The 17th and 18th centuries saw handkerchiefs widely used as gifts between close friends, signs of affection, and to bear messages. The message ability of handkerchiefs was explored again during World War II as allied forces used handkerchief maps to help guide soldiers to safety.

Why Handkerchiefs Went Out of Vogue

Since the invention of the disposable tissue and continued research into how germs are spread, handkerchiefs have largely been abandoned for practical use. And, though they can be spotted in almost every decade on select groups of fashionable men, they have not been widely popular until recent years.

The Resurgence of Mens Handkerchiefs as a Fashion Statement

What is the reason behind the recent resurgence of men wearing handkerchiefs? It’s partially due to sustainability. While disposable tissues are not great for the environment, handkerchiefs can be washed multiple times and never need to end up in a landfill. However, the larger focus is on fashion. Vintage and retro fashion choices are all the rage these days and wearing a handkerchief is seen as a fashionable and bold choice.

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Choosing the Right Mens Handkerchiefs

Decided you want to join the ranks of the fashionable men who are making handkerchiefs popular again? Choosing the right type, size, and print is important to ensure you pull off your fashion choice. Cotton handkerchiefs are at the top of the list when it comes to popular fabrics in 2024. That’s because cotton is soft, affordable, and can easily be washed and dried.

The size of your handkerchief is also a consideration. Though the most popular size is 13” x 13”, larger styles can also be found for the fashion-forward. As far as prints and colors go, the sky is the limit. Consider holiday handkerchiefs to commemorate special seasons, floral or other boldly printed handkerchiefs for special occasions, and solid color or striped handkerchiefs for everyday wear.

Be a Part of the Mens Handkerchiefs Revival

Ready to take your style to the next level? Choose a variety of printed or solid handkerchiefs to tuck into suit pockets, wear around your neck, or to style into a bandana. Find options that are made of high quality material for ultimate comfort and sustainability.

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