Panneaux Acoustiques: Enhancing Office Environments with Sound Solutions

In the contemporary workplace, open offices have become the norm, promoting collaboration and maximizing functionality. However, this shift has brought about challenges, especially regarding increased noise levels. The Acoustics Company, a leading manufacturer of acoustic panels, addresses these challenges by offering a comprehensive range of acoustic solutions suitable for various environments, including homes, offices, cinemas, schools, and restaurants.

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The Acoustics Company stands out as a particular and professional provider of acoustic products, offering priority shipping throughout France. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, they provide detailed technical and installation advice for all their products. The live chat support ensures personalized assistance, even for tailor-made projects.

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Dive into the extensive product list, showcasing a variety of acoustic solutions:

1. Acoustic Panels

  • Echo: Melamine foam covered with fabric
  • Alpha: 12 and 24mm based on PET fiber from recycled bottles
  • Ambiance: Solution based on glass wool ringed and covered with fabric
  • Alpha Max: 50mm based on PET fiber from recycled bottles

2. Acoustic Baffle

  • Suitable for reducing reverberation in open spaces

3. Suspended Acoustic Panel

  • Ideal for high-ceiling offices

4. Printed Panels

  • Customizable options for a personalized touch

5. Acoustic Screens

  • Decorative screens providing privacy and noise reduction

6. Acoustic Lattices

  • Stylish solutions for open office aesthetics

7. Acoustic Lighting

  • Integrating functionality with visual appeal

8. Acoustic Foam and Basotect Melamine Foam

  • Versatile materials for sound absorption

9. Fixings

  • Essential accessories for easy installation

10. Reduce Reverberation and Soundproofing

  • Tailored solutions for noise control

11. Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Treatments

  • Enhance aesthetics while tackling noise issues

12. Furniture and Acoustic Screens

  • Innovative solutions for a harmonious workspace

Benefits of Acoustic Solutions in Offices

Open offices, while fostering collaboration, often face challenges related to increased noise levels. The more extensive the space, the more echoes and distractions arise. The installation of acoustic solutions becomes essential in creating a comfortable and productive working environment. The Acoustics Company’s range, including ceiling baffles, acoustic panels, and acoustic baffles, addresses these concerns by reducing noise levels and improving speech intelligibility.

Acoustic Panels and Tiles

To absorb sound effectively, the use of softer materials on walls, ceilings, and partitions is crucial. Acoustic panels, once considered old-fashioned, now offer diverse design options, including decorative elements that can cover existing furniture. These panels contribute to reducing noise levels and fostering a creative and collaborative atmosphere.

Acoustic Tiles for Sound Control

For specific areas, such as employee lounges or meeting spaces, acoustic tiles prove to be an excellent solution. With different geometric patterns and colors, these tiles not only control sound but also add a unique and stylish touch to the space. Customization options allow companies to reflect their brand message or create a playful mix of patterns.

Acoustic Rafts and Baffles

In open offices with high ceilings, where space for panel installation is limited, acoustic rafts and baffles offer an effective solution. These extend downward from the ceiling, absorbing and controlling sound without the need for additional walls or panels. They can be combined with light fixtures or designed as decorative sculptures, adding both functionality and aesthetics.

Acoustic Screens for Privacy and Noise Reduction

Preserving the open feel of a space while providing privacy and reducing noise is achievable with acoustic screens. These decorative screens blend seamlessly with the room’s style, combining form and function to create a harmonious work environment.


In conclusion, the integration of acoustic solutions is crucial for addressing the challenges posed by open offices. The Acoustics Company, with its diverse range of Panneaux acoustiques, provides tailored options for various settings, ensuring a comfortable and productive atmosphere. By strategically incorporating acoustic panels, tiles, rafts, baffles, and screens, workplaces can enhance both aesthetics and functionality, creating an environment conducive to collaboration and focus. Consider the benefits of acoustic solutions in transforming your office space, making it a more pleasant and efficient place to work.

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